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A toast is meant to be honoring, funny, heartfelt, and memorable. So its important not to embarrass the bride and groom, and to make sure that your toast it appropriate, polite personal, simple, and sincere.

The purpose of a toast is to share why the bride or groom is special to you in your own way. Making a toast is a big obligation so finding the right words can be a little difficult.

The first step is to brainstorm a few ideas. Even if you don’t know the bride or groom very well just write down simple things like, the way the bride/groom looks when he/she is taking about the other, or talk about memories when the bride/groom first starting talking about the other. You might make it a point to write down a few things that you admire about the bride/groom in your friendship. It may be helpful to add short stories that can be examples of the positive traits that you admire about the bride/groom. It is also important to remember not to make your toast to long, or to talk about times you might have shared with the bride/ groom that nobody else cares or knows about.

Many people ask if they should read from a note card or notes. It’s ok to use cards or notes if they help you not to forget key points you want to mention. In some cases however, this can make a person read there toast a little monotone. If this is the case it might be best to just write down key points not the whole toast. It is vital to be confident and give everyone a little eye contract, especially when identifying yourself to the crowd. However do not focus one everyone else besides the bride and groom.

When you are finished with the toast give the audience a formal indication to them of the ending of the toast. It may be appropriate to say something along the lines of “Let us now toast the happiness of…”. Then raise your glass, nod your head to the audience and nod to the bride and groom. In large parties it may or may not be appropriate to clink glasses. Just remember that it isn’t appropriate to land in someone’s lap trying to clink glasses. Lastly sip your drink; never gulp the whole glass down at once.

Weddings are stressful to plan and require lots of energy and planning. Choosing the right Wedding DJ to entertain your guests is an important step. The DJ is responsible for setting the mood of your reception and also giving your guests a bit of your personality.

There are many things to consider when choosing your DJ; music selection, equipment, cost, lighting, experience and performance style. Most couples start with referrals from family and friends. This is a great way to find out what type of services a DJ supplies and the style of music they play. Just remember, a family referral doesn’t always mean you’re guaranteed a great Disc Jockey. You should do your own research and ask many questions to be sure the Disc Jockey will fit your needs and adapt to the style of your reception. When choosing a Wedding DJ, the couple should compile a list of expectations to discuss with the DJ prior to hiring them.

Every DJ is different and unique. One DJ’s idea of proper wedding music may be different than your own. For instance, you may want to avoid any music with profanity, you may prefer mostly country music or demand that no rap music is played. If you’re having an elegant reception you may want to provide a song list as a guide. If the DJ you are considering is not willing to adapt to these expectations, then you know that DJ isn’t the right one for you.

Consider looking in the yellow pages and the internet to get names of Disc Jockeys to interview. It would be beneficial to find DJ’s that have experience with wedding music and receptions. This is your big day and you want it to be perfect. Don’t cut costs by using an unprofessional DJ or someone that does this as a hobby because he has a “great sound system”. Your wedding DJ will be playing the wedding music that you will always remember. It’s important to do this right and make sure it reflects your preferences and personalities.

Your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of your life. You may have spent months planning all of the details, and you want everything to be perfect. When the big day comes it usually passes by way too fast and afterwards you only have your wedding photos as cherished memories of the event. Taking great wedding photos will ensure that you end up with a wedding album that you are happy with for years to come. Use the following wedding photo tips to make sure that your wedding photographs turn out just as beautiful as your wedding itself.

Pay Attention to Your Bridal Make-up

Bridal make-up is much different than your everyday make-up. Bridal make-up may involve wearing false eyelashes, foundation, or other cosmetics that you are not used to wearing on a daily basis. It is highly recommended that you have a make-up trial with the make-up artist that will be applying your make-up on your wedding day. Not only will this ensure that you like what you will be wearing, but it will also give you the opportunity to look at the make-up in different lighting to make sure that you look like a more beautiful version of yourself. Have someone take a few pictures of you after your make-up trial to make sure that your make-up does not look too heavy or caked on.

Pay Attention to the Light

Try to schedule your wedding photos for a time of day when the natural light is flattering. The best light is in the mornings and in the late afternoons. Light during the middle of the day (from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.) tends to be harsh and casts unflattering shadows. If you must have your pictures taken when the sun is at its highest, try to find a shaded area.

Pick Your Photographer Wisely

Your wedding photos will be looked at for years to come, so hiring a good photographer is crucial. Try to take some time to get to know your photographer and develop a rapport. You will look much better in your pictures if you are relaxed and working with a professional that you are comfortable with.

You think finding the perfect guy was hard? Try finding the perfect dress, or the perfect venue… Planning for the Big Day can be a big pain in the neck.

There are so many choices to make – the entourage, the decorations, etc. The list goes on. Don’t think for a minute that you can just sit back and cross your fingers, hoping your wedding will go off without a glitch. You and your man will do lots of brainstorming and decision making – but hey! Isn’t that what weddings are all about? Decisions. Tough decisions. And the first one both of you will have to make is your wedding theme. Wedding themes will guide you in your selections of the other wedding details. Once you have decided on this, it will be easier to coordinate the rest of the items on the list. Most of the time, couples argue on what particular wedding each of them want. They have so many ideas for the flowers, the favors, the menu, etc. but they have a hard time incorporating them into a single theme. So here’s a tip for choosing a wedding theme that’s perfect for you – list down your interests, fondness and preferences as a couple. And from there, the perfect wedding theme might actually pop out – one that will best reflect both of your personalities.

There are many wedding theme ideas for you to choose from. If you’re inclined to celebrate the season when you exchange vows, there’s the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter Wedding Theme. There’s also a wedding theme for couples who have a thing for sports, for couples who value nature and the environment, or for those who want glamorous or royalty worthy weddings. So where do you begin?

This is where Kelly’s Wedding Garden comes in. Kelly’s isn’t just your perfect wedding venue. With our special wedding packages, we take care of almost everything! And I mean everything. It’s like having your very own wedding planner. We have outstanding indoor and outdoor facilities which include beautiful gardens with waterfalls, gourmet kitchen and a full service bar, dance floor and banquet hall.

So whatever theme you decide on, remember that in the end, no decision is really right or wrong. After all, you already made the perfect decision of all – tying the knot with the love of your life. And no doubt, he will love you no matter which theme you choose for your wedding!